Relief Care

The majority of patients consult a chiropractor because they have an ache or pain. In the first phase of chiropractic care, our first objective is to eliminate or reduce your pain. Treatment during this stage can consist of various forms of physiotherapy, ice therapy to reduce swelling, and chiropractic adjustments of the spine. .

The frequency or number of times you are treated will be different according to the severity of your condition. Conditions or diagnosis may have the same name ( generally a diagnostic name is simply based on a latin label of the symptoms!) but have different causes. Treatment, timing and frequency may work for one person and not another.  Dr. Rasmussen will prescribe what she considers best for your individual needs.  In a severe case you may be seen daily.  In a mild case you may be seen only once or twice.  If you do not respond to chiropractic care during this phase, you may be referred to
 another health-care provider for additional treatment.  Sometimes a combination of chiropractic and medical care can bring about results that neither one can achieve on their own.

This phase of care generally lasts between 1 and 4 weeks but may be as long as 6 to 8.  We find most of our patients begin to feel better within 2-3 weeks.